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Breast Massage Oil


Check out our Passionate Hibiscus Breast Massage Oil, that are great benefits for women’s Breast. Our Breast Massage Oil is mixed with Neem oil, Organic Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Flax Seed Oil And is infused with herbs such as Passion flowers and hibiscus.

Study shows that women should at least Massage their breast for about 15 mins every other day to release toxins that may be clogged in ones breast pores. Our Breast Massage oil has about 3 great big benefits such as:

Women who are lactating that may experience low or non milk flow can benefit by massaging ones breast. Using Hand expression is best before and after pumping breast, this method may help you empty your breast milk.

Massaging your breast may increase blood flow and help with circulation in the breast area, with this motion it can help with tightening and lifting breast to become more perky from being saggy.

Breast Cancer Detection:
Massaging your breast can help you look for lumps and bumps that may seem abnormal. By massaging your breast regularly you may have a chance of detecting breast cancer early.

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