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Shower Steamer


Do you have more fun in the shower Vs the bath tub? Are you always on the go but need a quick pick me up? Check out our top selling shower steamers we like to call a spa in a jar! You dropped them in the shower and it magically fizzes like a bath bomb and releases essential oils in an Aromatherapy feeling.

We carry a Morning and a Night time option the morning shower steamer which we like to call “ Citrus Morning Blast “ is created with a Lemongrass and Blood Orange scent that brings a smile to your face and wakes you up! and our Night time Shower Steamer which is called “ Soothing Soul “ scented with Peppermint, Lavender, and Frankincense bring a soothing calm feeling which is great for a hards day of work or a day of cardio in the Gym.
All steamers are scented with Essential oils at a therapeutic Grade, you get 4 tablets in each jar.

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