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Image of California White Sage -or Palo Santo

California White Sage -or Palo Santo

$6.00 - $8.00

Do you feel that you need to cleanse your home? Work space, or your own environment? Using sage can help clear away the bad and negative energy or vibes that surrounds you and brings you positive energy your way.

Cleansing can be the best thing to do when your moving to a new home, just got into an argument, a haunting, in need of sleep and many more. Smudging also known as burning sage, is a ritual that has started in many cultures but was originated by some ancient Native American tribes it was a cultural spiritual ritual that was practiced.

Many Benefits of Burning Sage ( smudging):
- Charges your energy
- Helps take away Negative energy
( among your self and environment)
-Improves your Spirit
( lifts your spirit, puts you in a great mood)
-Help soothes stress
And many more benefits

* All sage bundles will already be cleanse so it can positively be charged of great energy before it arrives to you

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